Bath resurfacing

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Why resurface baths?

If your bath always looks dirty or worn and is rough to the touch, scratched or badly chipped, or perhaps the colour is no longer right!

Bath resurfacing is the process by which that new look can be achieved without the removal of your bath. Due to the use of harsh abrasive cleaners, your bath has probably lost its original beautiful shine or been stained. The bath surface may now be porous to the point where keeping it clean is almost impossible.

This resurfacing process involves many layers of enamel finely sprayed onto the bath surface. Before this process is carried out we prepare the surface of your bath by using various techniques and professional re-enamelling products to ensure that the new enamel surface remains strong and durable for years to come. High quality and less disruption to your everyday life. Our whole bath resurfacing service takes 6-8 hour’s. In addition to this, our re-enamelling service is of a Superior Quality to our competitors as well! Our unique Baked on Enamelling, with a high quality polished Gloss finish makes your bath not only quicker to use again, but even better than what any other traders could do in our place.

Shine-a-Bath will resurface baths in white or any other colour.

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Adhesion is a critical aspect of vitreous enamel restoration. For maximum durability we employ two separate adhesion systems. One operates specifically on the glazed areas of the bath and the other operates on the porous areas and also provides a waterproof barrier to protect the entire bonding stage.

 Anti slip!

Bathrooms can be potentially hazardous for young and old alike, even after bathroom resurfacing. The wet surface in a bath, shower tray or tiled bathroom floor can be very slippery if not treated and may give rise to a painful, slip-fall injury. The very old and very young are statistically most at risk but slip prevention measures are unfortunately rarely taken seriously until after the accident has occurred!

Several measures can be taken to reduce slip-fall hazards in the bathroom and around the home. A newly resurfaced bath or shower tray is as slippery as a brand new surface.

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If required, our re-enamelling technician can provide an anti-slip pattern in your newly resurfaced fixtures using a long lasting polymer system, which also can be applied on any enamel surface! When you have your bath resurfaced with our bath enamelling system, you’ll get:

  • A high-quality, professional bath resurfacing that will make your bath look like new
  • A cost-effective alternative to replacing your bath
  • A 5-year warranty in writing against a failure of adhesion
  • A fast, mess-free solution to all your bath problems
  • A long-lasting, baked-on surface to your bath using the latest technology
  • A fully-trained and professional technician to do the job
  • A high level of customer service and quality control
  • A way to restore your old cast iron bath
  • An in-house service that saves you from having to remove your bath

And much more.

But the best reasons to choose re-enamelling with us is because we use the best re-enamelling products on the market.

It’s proven to be one of the best bath resurfacing system in the UK.

So don’t risk your hard-earned money on a bath enamelling service that may not be able to give you the surface you really want!

Whether you need bathroom fixture repair, bathtub refinishing or repair, or any other service we will get it done quickly and with high quality craftsmanship.

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